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Find an Artgrid clip in Artlist Footage


Search by Clip ID

Have your list of clip IDs ready nearby.

Open Artlist Footage and select any clip.

Take a clip ID from your list and replace the one in the address bar and Enter/Return. You don't have to change or remove the name:


Using the search bar

Type a keyword into the search bar to get started. Our search is intuitively designed and backed by AI technology to help you find exactly what you're looking for. 


Filter Menu

Scroll down to use our filter menu to guide your search by video theme, shot type or people.

The filters on the top-right of the page will let you sort by staff picks, top downloads and newest.


Search for an Artgrid clip in Artlist Footage using the clip ID

Artlist Footage and Artgrid have the same exact catalog, but the clip name format is a bit different. If you found a clip on Artgrid but want to download it from your Artlist account, here is a step-by-step to show you how:

1. First, locate the clip in Artgrid. For our example we'll use this clip of a computer gaming station.

2. In the address bar, copy the clip ID:

3. Next, open Artlist Footage and choose any clip at random. We'll use this clip of a woman looking through a plane window at sunset to demonstrate.

4. In the address bar of the random Artlist clip, you'll see the clip ID at the end. Highlight just the clip ID and replace it with the clip ID of the Artgrid clip you want to find.


There is no need to change any of the words in the address bar, only the clip ID.

5. Click 'Enter' and the clip you're searching for will appear:




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