Tips to help you download footage

If you’re signed in and can only download watermarked clips or can't download footage at all, try these tips to get your footage:

  1. With a free Trial account, you can download watermarked preview clips. Please note that preview clips do not include our license for use. Check out our pricing to get your license today!
  2. If you have an active subscription, log out of any active sessions, refresh, and log back in to make sure you are signed into your active Account.
  3. The option to download licensed versions of the footage is only available with Footage & Templates or any Max subscription.
  4. If you downloaded the file before, delete any existing versions from your device, then sign into your active account and re-download the clip. You can also try saving the full version of the clip to a different folder.
  5. It's possible that the payment didn't go through. To check this, visit Plan & Billings found in your Account page to check your account status. If your recent payment attempt failed to process, then your account will revert to Trial.