What is the difference between the Max Social and Max Pro license?

Our NEW Artlist Max is all about taking your creativity to the Max

Artlist Max is our all-in-one subscription plan that includes music & SFX, HD footage and templates, plugins and editing software! You can sign up for Artlist Max Social, Max Pro or Max Pro Team.

With both Max Social and Max Pro, every project you create using Artlist assets and publish to your channel during your subscription is yours to share forever, even if you don't renew your license. To make it even better, we're adding new assets every day, so you can enjoy unlimited creative freedom. 

Max Social

The Max Social plan is the perfect all-in-one license for social content creators who want to share their video creations on social media platforms. The Max Social plan is available with a monthly or yearly subscription. Sign up today!

Max Social offers full access to the entire music and SFX, HD footage and templates, and plugins catalogs and includes editing software! This plan gives you an unlimited sync license to use the assets in your videos on your registered social media channels, including monetization. 

Our Max Social license covers your uploads on:

  • 1 YouTube

  • 1 Facebook

  • 1 Instagram

  • 1 TikTok

  • 1 Twitch 

  • 1 Podcast

Max Pro

The Max Pro plan is an all-in-one license for creators who want to share their video creations on any platform worldwide, including branded and commercial projects. With the Max Pro, you are covered to do client work and your clients can also share the videos to as many channels as they'd like with no need to register your channels.

Max Pro offers full access to the entire music and SFX, footage (up to 8K), and templates catalogs and includes plugins and Pro editing software with an unlimited sync license to use the assets in your videos. With Max Pro, you can also upgrade to include RAW/LOG footage options. 

Max Pro is only available with a yearly subscription and we don't offer a monthly payment option with this plan. Sign up for yours today!

Max Pro Team

With our Max Social and Max Pro plans, 1 license = 1 seat.

The Max Pro Team subscription offers the perfect solution for a small team or business who wants to create projects for any platform worldwide, including for clients, and share branded and commercial projects. The Max Team plan is a multi-seat account so you can have 1 Max license to cover your entire team. 

With 15% off each user on the team, you can affordably subscribe to a single plan that will cover all of your business needs. Sign up today so your entire team is covered!

If you need more than 7 seats on your Team plan or if your business has more than 100 employees, our Enterprise solution might be right for you. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.



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