How can I combine my Artlist and Artgrid account under a Max subscription?

We can help you combine your Artlist & Artgrid accounts to our new Max subscription!

We can activate your account for Max, meaning you will have access to the entire catalogs of Music, SFX, Footage, Templates, 44 Plugins, HitFilm & Imerge. 

Your upgrade is based on the value of the time remaining in your subscriptions. To ensure you get credit for any unused time on Artgrid or Artlist, we will also add a discount towards your next renewal.  

Your account history on Artgrid is only available on the Artgrid site. In the future, we will migrate all of your account history to Artlist, but before that happens, we want to ensure you can always view your details. Your Artgrid account will then expire on the next renewal date.

Please contact us to set up your account today!


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