Using the assets in a film

With an Artlist subscription plan you can get a license to use our full catalog of creative assets including music, SFX, footage, templates, plugins, and editing software to take your creativity to the Max! For all our plans, 1 license = 1 seat, and we have custom Business plans to fit your requirements or for companies with over 100 employees.


Showing the film

With a Music & SFX Pro, any Footage & Templates or Max plan, you're covered to show your films in places like YouTube and social media, Vimeo, TV, movie theaters, film festivals, screenings, streaming, OTT, premium channels, and more.

The license also covers showing the film in places like exhibitions or at a live event, however this only applies to the synced video project as the assets can't be played or used alone without a video.



The music available on Artlist is royalty-free with a subscription. Be sure to check out our License Agreement and Terms of Use.


The following excerpt is from our license agreement:

"While our License gives you the right to perform the Projects in public, it does not cover payment of royalties to performance rights organizations (PRO).

At Artlist, we don't charge any additional fees. When your work is aired in a broadcast or other public performance platform, PROs can choose to collect royalties. Most broadcasters have a blanket license for these cases so please contact them for more details if needed. Get cue sheet information directly from the site.


Crediting the artists or filmmakers

With an Artlist license, there is no need to credit the artists or filmmakers, but it is always appreciated!


Transfer of license, sublicense, and distribution

The standard license doesn't cover transfer, sublicensing, or distribution. If this is something that you need, reach out to our sales team for a custom Business solution.


*It is important to note that the standard license found online covers the filmmaker's use of assets in audiovisual projects.

If your company has over 100 employees or you need custom agreement, a Business plan is right for you. 

A Business plan includes all the features of a standard plan, plus additional coverage, early access to new releases, special asset collections, and a custom license to cover you and your clients. For more information about a custom Business solution, contact our Sales team.