Can I use the assets in my film?

Absolutely! Artlist is made for video creators and our full catalog of creative assets is available for you to take your creativity to the Max!

Incorporate Artlist music, SFX, footage, templates and use our plugins and editing software to create your films. Sign up to get started today!


Where can I screen my films?

You can show your films anywhere that is fitting to your project! Movie theaters, film festivals, cinema screenings, streaming and OTT services, premium channels, TV, YouTube, Vimeo and more are all covered with your Creator Pro, any Footage & Templates or Artlist Creator or Max plans.


Are the assets royalty-free when I use them in my film?

The music available on Artlist is royalty-free with a subscription. We guarantee your use of music is royalty-free as long as your use is within the terms of our license.

The following excerpt is from our license agreement:

"While our License gives you the right to perform the Projects in public, it does not cover payment of royalties to performance rights organizations (PRO).

When your work is aired in a broadcast or other public performance platform, PROs can choose to collect royalties. Most broadcasters have a blanket license for these cases so please contact the broadcaster for more details if this is required for your project. At Artlist, we don't charge any additional fees. For cue information, reach out to us anytime.


Do I need to credit the artists or filmmakers in my film?

With an Artlist license, there is no need to credit the artists or filmmakers, but it is always appreciated!


How do I transfer the license?

Artlist's license is non-transferable. The license we offer is for video creators to use the creative assets in their films. 


Can I distribute my film on DVD/Blu-Ray?

Distribution is not covered by our standard license. 

If you need something not listed or require changes to our standard license, please reach out to our Enterprise team for a custom solution.


*Please note that our license covers the filmmaker's use of assets in audiovisual projects. If you are a company with over 100 employees, a broadcaster or distributor, please contact our Enterprise team for a customized business solution.






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