Manage your Artboards

Visit your Library to view your Artboards, and share, rename, or delete the Artboards. Click any Artboard to open it and view, add, or remove saved Artlist assets, delete an Artboard, edit the Artboard’s name, and add or edit a description and get new or updated AI suggested assets, all from your Library’s Artboards tab.


Add assets to your Artboard

Browse the catalogs and add any assets you like to your Artboard. Visit your library and open an Artboard to Add or Edit Description and Save to get updated suggested assets for your projects.

Explore the suggested assets, choose the ones you want to save and click the + icon to add them to your Artboard! 


Edit the name of an Artboard

Visit your Library to view all your Artboards with the assets that you've saved. To change the name of an Artboard, click the 3 dots, select Edit Artboard, and enter a new name. You can also open the Artboard you want to edit and change the name and more.

Edit the description

You can edit an Artboard’s description and get updated suggested assets. To edit the description, open the Artboard you want to update, click Edit Description and update the Edit Description box, then Save to update the suggested assets. 


Remove assets and delete your Artboards

You can save Artlist assets and Artboards to your Library, and you can also delete or remove them. To delete an Artboard completely, click the 3 dots and select Delete Artboard. To remove an asset from your Artboard, click the 3 dots and select Remove Asset (music, SFX, footage). 

Delete an Artboard:

Remove an asset:


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