Does Artlist have a referral program?

With Artlist’s Friend to Friend referral program you’ll earn benefits as your referral list grows. Anyone who subscribes using your Friend to Friend link will get an extra 2 free months to a yearly subscription for anyone who signs up using your referral link. With 10 referrals, you can even get a lifetime subscription! 

Here's what you can earn:

What plans are eligible for Friend to Friend?

  • Music Pro
  • Music & SFX Pro 
  • SFX Pro
  • Music & SFX Social yearly
  • Footage & Templates
  • Footage & Templates RAW/LOG
  • Max Pro
  • Max Pro RAW/LOG

What plans are not eligible for Friend to Friend benefits?

  • Music & SFX Social monthly
  • Teams
  • Max Teams

Learn more about our referral program here!