About the Music & SFX plans

Access the best Music and SFX catalogs in the industry by subscribing to one of Artlist's Music & SFX subscription plans.  

Music & SFX Social

Music, SFX, and Music & SFX Pro

Music & SFX Teams


Music & SFX Social plan

The Music & SFX Social plan is for individual creators who want to use the assets on social media. This plan includes full access to the music and SFX catalogs and is available monthly or yearly.

With the purchase of an Artlist license, you'll add your channels to the Clearlist and use the Music & SFX Social plan to post on 1 channel per platform:

    • Facebook

    • Instagram

    • YouTube

    • Twitch

    • TikTok

    • 1 Podcast

Platforms other than the ones listed above are not covered by the Social plan.

To use your Artlist license on more channels or platforms, check out our Music & SFX Pro or Teams plans.


Music, SFX, and Music & SFX Pro plans

The Pro subscriptions can be purchased as Music only, SFX only, or Music & SFX. The Pro subscriptions offer a license to use the music and sound effects in video projects for social media, broadcast, TV, streaming services, films, for client work, branded and commercial projects, and more. With a Music, SFX, or Music & SFX Pro subscription you can upload your projects on up to 3 channels per platform using the Clearlist.


Music & SFX Teams

With Artlist's individual plans, 1 license = 1 seat. The Music & SFX Teams plan offers the same license and coverage as the Music & SFX Pro but with an option to add additional users, up to 7 total, and at a 15% discount per seat so your whole team gets access to our creative assets. With the Teams plan you can add up to 5 channels to the Clearlist.


For a license that covers all our assets, check out Artlist Max which includes music, SFX, footage, templates, plugins, and more. Max plans are available with a Pro, Teams, or custom Business plan.

Subscribe now and take your creativity to the max!

Business plan

If your company has over 100 employees or you need custom agreement, a Business plan is right for you. 

A Business plan includes all the features of a standard plan, plus additional coverage, early access to new releases, special asset collections, and a custom license to cover you and your clients. For more information about a custom Business solution, contact our Sales team.