What do I need to know about the free Trial account?

Can I sign up for a Trial account?

Yes! Sign up for a free Trial at our pricing page to browse the full catalog and download watermarked previews. Simply enter your details, then close out of the payment window to start your Trial.

What assets can I preview with a free Trial?

With a free Trial account you can preview the full Artlist catalog including music, SFX, footage, templates and plugins! Only watermarked Music and footage are available for download with a free Trial; all other assets are view-only.

Can I download any creative asset with a Trial account?

With a Trial account you can download watermarked previews of music and footage. SFX, templates, plugins and apps are not available for download with a free Trial account.

Do I need a separate account to view Trial music or footage if I don't have a license for both?

If you have an active Artlist music or music & SFX license you can access the trial Footage with your existing active plan. As well, if you have an active footage plan you can access the Trial music. Please note that only downloaded assets from your active plan are licensed for use and that watermarked music or footage can't be published.

Can I use the Trial assets in my projects?

No, only licensed assets can be used in your projects. Sign up for a license today!

How can I cancel my Trial account or remove my data?

Reach out to our Support team and we will make sure your request is quickly handled.


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