How to Find, Download and Use Footage

How do I search the catalog?

It's easy to start! Just type a keyword into the search bar or scroll down to use our filter menu to guide your search by video theme, shot type or people. There you can also view our custom Collections. On the right side you can select framing and sort by top picks and new arrivals.

How do I download the footage?

First, search the catalog to find the perfect footage for your project.

Once you find a clip that you want, select the down arrow to download your footage directly.

Where can I download the footage?

Use the download button in the catalog to license your footage.

Once you have downloaded the footage it also becomes available in Your Footage page.

How do I find a clip using the clip ID number?

You can find a specific clip by typing the clip ID into the browser as follows:*

For example, this clip - 
Can also be found without the title by typing

Can I download the footage on my phone or tablet?

Yes! You can access your downloads from the email sent at the time of checkout or by logging in and visiting Your Footage page on the site.

How many clips can I download each day?

You can download up to 100 clips per day by adding to your cart and clicking "Checkout."

When does the download time reset?

The daily limit is refreshed at midnight in the time zone GMT +3. Find more information here .

How do I use the footage to make a video?

Once you've checked out and downloaded the footage, just open your favorite video editor and import the clips to your project from your device. 

How can I use the watermarked footage that I download with my Trial account?

A Trial account gives you access to the entire catalog and you can download watermarked footage in its entirety for testing purposes. It is intended for you to be able to get familiar with all that Artgrid has to offer and to try out the footage in your video editing projects or share with your collaborators or clients before you decide to purchase the full subscription.

Where can I share my projects that have Artlist footage?

You can use the footage on every platform and medium that exists today as part of a video production. Plus our license will cover mediums that haven’t even been invented yet. This means that film, TV, virtual reality, video games, mobile, etc are all fair game.

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