How many songs, sound effects, clips & templates can I download?

Music & SFX

With a Creator Pro, Team*, Social Creator or Max license, you can download up to 40 songs and 100 SFX every day. (*Each seat on your Team has their own daily download limit.)

Trial Accounts

With a Music Trial, you can download up to 40 watermarked songs. SFX are not available for preview.

With a Footage Trial, you can download up to 100 watermarked clips per day.

Footage and Templates

With an Artlist Footage or Max plan, you can download up to 20 templates and up to 100 clips per day.


Download and install as many as you need to take your creativity to the max!


The daily limit is reset at midnight in time zone GMT+3. We set the daily limit in order to ensure reasonable use of our site's assets.

If you’ve already downloaded a song, but need to download it again, you can do so at any time during your active subscription from your Library. This download will not be counted towards your daily limit.


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