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A license plan from Artlist offers high quality assets for you to use and publish in your projects on any platform worldwide. Get a license to use Artlist's catalogs of assets in your projects!

Read on about the subscriptions we offer and find the best one for your needs

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Max Team

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AI Voiceover

Use the power of AI to easily create voiceovers using a catalog of voices exclusive to Artlist. Simply select a voice, enter your text, and generate a voiceover that you can download and use in your projects.

Get free trial credits with any Trial, music, SFX, or footage plan. Or sign up for an AI Voiceover plan or Artlist Max to get credits you can use for your licensed projects.

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Artlist Max

Artlist Max is an all-in-one solution that has everything you need to stay creative! With a Max license, get access to music, SFX, footage, templates, plus AI Voiceover, plugins and apps! 

You can upgrade to Max Pro directly from your signed-in Music or Music & SFX Pro, Social, or Footage & Templates subscription. For users with a different plan, contact our team for assistance.

Max Pro includes:

  • Music & SFX
  • Footage - HD, 4K-8K, ProRes/DNxHR
  • Templates
  • AI Voiceover
  • HitFilm & Imerge - Pro
  • Plugins and your Pro license

Max Team includes the same FULL access plus a license to cover your whole team!

Need RAW/LOG footage? Sign up for Max Pro RAW/LOG or Max Team RAW/LOG or add it to your existing Max plan.


Music & SFX plan options

There are 2 types of Music & SFX licenses - Social and Pro:

Pro license

Music Pro

Music & SFX Pro

Music & SFX Team

Max Pro

Max Teams

Social license

Music & SFX Social


All the Music & SFX subscriptions offer full access to the entire music and/or SFX (sound effects) catalogs with a sync license to cover your use of the assets in your videos without expiration. 


Music & SFX Social

Music & SFX Social is for social content creators who want to share their videos on social media platforms. The Music & SFX Social plan is available with a yearly or monthly subscription.

With this plan, projects that you add to your Clearlist and publish during an active subscription period are covered.

With a Music & SFX Social plan, you're covered for:

  • 1 YouTube channel
  • 1 Facebook account or page
  • 1 Instagram account
  • 1 TikTok account
  • 1 Twitch account
  • 1 podcast

Music & SFX Pro

The Music and Music & SFX Pro plans are for creatives who want to use the assets in their videos on any platform worldwide, including for client work, and branded and commercial projects.

The Pro is only available with a yearly subscription, and with a Pro subscription you can register yours and your clients' links to the Clearlist


Music & SFX Team

For a solution that will cover your group, be sure to check out the Music & SFX Team plan! You & your colleagues can be covered under 1 license for use. With the Social or Pro subscriptions, 1 license = 1 seat, so only the individual listed on the account is covered for projects that they create. With a Teams plan, the license covers the whole team to create and share projects. Be sure to Clearlist yours and your clients' videos with the Teams plan too!

Learn more about Artlist for your team

Footage & Templates plans

Footage & Templates

With a yearly subscription, you can get our Footage & Templates License to use hand-picked clips and templates on any platform worldwide, including commercial projects, and use the assets freely without having to worry about additional fees.

All of the footage is available professionally graded an annual plans.

The Footage & Templates plan comes with HD clips, 4K-8K, ProRes/DNxHR, templates, and an Unlimited license.

Check it out and sign up today!

Footage & Templates RAW/LOG

A yearly Footage & Templates RAW/LOG subscription gives you a license and covers your use of our highest-quality video assets, including HD, 4K-8K, ProRes/DNxHR, and RAW/LOG footage and templates worldwide, for client and commercial projects, and to use the assets freely without having to worry about additional fees.

With an annual subscription get access to our full catalog of professionally-graded footage.

The Footage & Templates RAW/LOG plan comes with HD clips, 4K-8K, ProRes/DNxHR, templates, and an Unlimited license.

Sign up for a Footage & Templates plan today!


Business plan

If your company has over 100 employees or you need to customize the standard agreement, a Business plan is the right choice.

A Business plan offers a customized license to cover yours and your organization's use in worldwide projects and for clients of any size.

You'll also get early access to new and original content, intuitively-categorized catalogs, easy-to-use search filters, and NEW! features like dynamic team management profiles, and more! A Business plan is cost-effective, flexible, and scalable and can cover anything you and your team are working on. 

Some examples of where you'd need a Business license include:

  • You're part of a company, foundation or other legal entity with more than 100 employees

  • Teams who need more than 7 seats

  • Apps, software, games & its end-users

  • Broadcasters

  • Audiobooks

  • DVD & Blu-Ray

  • You want to change or customize the standard agreement

For more information about a Business plan, contact our Sales team.