How to install Final Cut templates

Final Cut Pro (FCP) templates can be a little tricky to install for the first time. Fortunately, this guide will show you how, and walk you through the different types of FCP templates we have to offer.

What is the template? What do I install? These are excellent questions! The compressed package you have downloaded will contain several folders and files. The first main folders should be Help, Fonts, and a folder with the name of the template. For installation, ignore Help and Fonts folder for now, and open the remaining folder. Continue opening the folders until you find the Template File. If you have Apple Motion installed, it will look like this:


If you don’t, it will look like a blank file icon, like this:


This template file is the file that will tell Final Cut what to do. The small.png, large.png and media folder will be used by Final Cut to make the template look how it appears in the preview. Together, these assets are contained in the Template Folder, like this:


Now that you understand what is in the downloads, let’s cover how to install it.

Final Cut templates can be either a Generator (basically a full slideshow) Title (words and graphics) Effect (makes video or images do cool stuff) Transition (animate between two footages). You can tell based on the file extension of the Transition File:

  • .motn -> Generator
  • .moti -> Title
  • .moef -> Effect
  • .motr -> Transition

Your mac may keep file extensions hidden. Right click the file and select “Get Info”. You’ll be able to see the information there:


Now you know what type of file you are working with!

Next, make sure you have the filepaths to install your templates. You should have the following filepath: Library/Movies/Motion Templates. Then, in the Motion Templates folder there should be four folders: Generators, Effects, Transitions, Titles. Additionally, each folder should have the extension .localized. 


Here is what this should look like:


Now for the final step! Drag the Template Folder into the correct folder in Motion Templates. To recap, if the Template File has the following extensions, install the Template Folder (the whole folder described earlier) into one of the following folders:

  • .motn -> Generator
  • .moti -> Title
  • .moef -> Effect
  • .motr -> Transition

Once you complete the installation, you will find your Generators and Titles under this tab in Final Cut:



And your Transitions and Effects are here: