How to install template fonts

Are you receiving a missing font error or not seeing the font from the preview? Don't worry, our templates have links to the fonts used by the author, so you can install them.


To find the linked fonts, check the folder you downloaded the template from, go into the template folder, then look for the Fonts/Font folder, open the text document and follow the links to download each of the linked fonts (for either Mac or Windows).



You will then need to follow the link, or links to the font sites and download the fonts, then install these.



Let’s say we want to install the font, “antonio”, for example. Simply click on the URL from the Font link document, or copy and paste this into your browser.


Then, from your browser, select the option to download the font. Please note: depending on the font link, different sites will have the download location in a specific location, you may also get ads on the page, so it’s important to look for the correct download link. 


Also, sometimes you may be required to sign up for a free membership on the font site in order to download the font, but you should never be asked to enter any payment information as we make sure to only use fonts that are available for free use.



After downloading the font, you may see the downloaded .zip file at the bottom of your browser, or in your downloads folder. You can click on this from your browser to unzip the .zip file. If you want to unzip the file from your system’s downloads folder directly, simply double-click on the .zip file, and the unzipped folder will appear next to the .zip file (macOS) or right click on the .zip, and select “Extract all…” (Windows).




You’ll need to go to your system’s downloads folder anyway next, and double click on the unzipped folder:



Select all fonts, and while all of the fonts are selected, right click over the selected fonts and select “Open” (macOS) or “Install” (Windows)



This should popup with a window where you can choose “Install Font” (macOS) or “Install” (Windows)



After doing this, you can re-launch the video editing software and open the template in question, and your fonts should appear just like that!