FAQs About Artlist Footage

What resolution is the footage?

The footage comes in several options. All the footage is available in HD across all plans, and the Creator and Pro plans offer higher resolutions as well: 

  • Junior - HD (1080p minimum)
  • ProRes
  • Creator - 4K-8K
  • Pro - RAW/LOG

Who creates the footage?

Artgrid has worked tirelessly to put together one of the best footage licensing catalogs available today. Our filmmakers span the globe, and produce films from the highest peaks of the European Alps, to the shores of the Caribbean, and everything in between. Their background is as diverse as their creative eye. Some are trained by the greatest filmmakers of our generation, some are self taught. Some come from the world of high-end car commercials and big lighting rigs, others travel the world with a suitcase of gear - searching for exotic locations. Our filmmakers shoot outdoors, indoors, using natural light, building their own sets, in Hollywood Studios, using the best camera gear available on the market today, and diving deep underwater to get perfect shots of Aquatic life Silhouetted against the sunlight.

Despite the incredible diversity of our filmmakers, all of them send us high quality, original uncompressed files, meaning you get access to the best versions of their work.

How is the footage labeled & organized?

As filmmakers ourselves, we have been in the position of search endlessly for the perfect footage. So we've invested a lot of our time in our site and in categorizing our footage to make it easily findable. Our team at Artgrid combs through every shot and categorizes it and applies the correct titles and tags. All our footage is very well organized, making your search experience easy.

What are "stories"?

Our stock footage collection is organized in a way that is a bit different than many other sites. Whereas other sites tend to feature clips independently, our filmmakers show groups of clips in a collection known as a “story”. Although the primary way of browsing our site is still by searching for and finding individual clips, you can also find and view entire stories shot by each of our filmmaker. Stories contain anywhere from 3 to 100 clips, and contain clips that are grouped around a common theme, a common location, or perhaps a single narrative arc.

By viewing entire stories, you can see the creativity of the filmmaker who made the footage in a new way, be inspired by what they shot, and even download the entire story and produce your own video out of the filmmaker’s original vision - combining with your own footage, or other footage from our site, as you see fit.

How many clips are in each story?

Each story length varies according to the creativity of our filmmakers.

How long is each clip?

The clips vary in length according to how each of our filmmakers shoots and trims their footage, but each clip tends to be between 4 and 20 seconds.

What is RAW/LOG?

RAW and LOG are high-quality footage formats that give you full control over your color grades. By capturing more details than other formats, they give you the best image for color grading. You can take any scene, tweak its colors to perfection and achieve the exact mood you're looking for.
Technically speaking, RAW is the raw sensor data that corresponds to the image. LOG is the recorded image, flat and without color saturation. This format enables a huge amount of versatility when color grading footage.

Is every clip available in LOG/RAW?

Every clip is available in HD, however not all filmmakers provide RAW/LOG clips with their footage. 

Is the footage royalty-free?

Yes. An Artgrid subscriber and their clients can use the footage royalty-free.

How can I become a filmmaker?

To submit your work for consideration in our catalog, apply to become a filmmaker here!




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