Using Artlist music in your TikToks

When you get an Artlist license, you’re fully covered to use Artlist assets including music, SFX, footage, templates, and more in your TikTok videos. You can also register your TikTok channel in your Account to help keep your videos clear.


TikTok uses its content ID system to detect and prevent unauthorized uses of copyrighted content. It appears that in some cases TikTok currently has a policy of muting or preventing the upload of videos longer than 1 minute where copyrighted content is detected. Due to this policy, we suggest reading and complying with TikTok’s policy (terms of service, community guidelines, etc)


Learn more in TikTok's Help Center.


If you have a valid license to use Artlist assets you can also choose to file a counter-notification. Read more and learn how to file a Copyright Infringement Counter-notification on TikTok.


To use Artlist in your TikToks for personal social media use on 1 channel, the Social plan has everything you need. To use Artlist assets for commercial purposes or client work, choose the Pro or Teams plan. If your company has over 100 employees, contact our Sales team for a custom Business plan solution.