Audio use of the assets

Artlist's license does not cover the use of music, SFX, or AI voiceovers for audio play on the radio or Internet playlist formats. Our synchronization license covers video projects.

This means that the Music, SFX, and voiceovers can’t be used as audio-only on traditional or Internet radio stations or other platforms, including reproductions.

Read more about podcasts here.


We also offer custom Business solutions that may cover your use.

Some examples of where you need a Business license include:

  • You're part of a company, foundation or other legal entity with more than 100 employees, or which is part of a group with over 100 employees
  • Teams who need more than 7 seats
  • Apps, software, games & its end-users
  • Broadcasters
  • Audiobooks
  • DVD & Blu-Ray
  • You want to change or customize the standard agreement

Get more information about a custom Business solution.