What are the Music & SFX Teams plans?

We've expanded our subscription options to offer you more ways to create without limits, including for teams! The Music & SFX Teams plans are available with Creator Pro Music & SFX or Artlist Max.

Artlist's Music & SFX Teams plan is a multi-seat account so you can have 1 license to cover your entire team. With our other plans, only the individual that's listed on the account is covered for projects that they create. With a Team, every team member is covered for projects they create for their employer (the business listed on the account).

With 15% off each user on the team, you can affordably subscribe to a single plan that will cover all of your business needs.

Sign up today so your entire team is covered!

Teams can have up to 7 users (1 admin & 6 team members), so if you need more seats on your plan or if your business has more than 100 employees, our Enterprise solution might be right for you. Please contact our Sales Team for more information.

*Please note that team members are not covered for personal projects.


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