My credit card isn't working

If you're trying to renew your account with a different card or PayPal, please first sign in and visit your Account to update the payment details or Contact us for a secure link.


If you're signing up and making a payment for a new subscription but it's not working, try these troubleshooting tips so you can get back to your projects: 

1) Check the payment fields

When you make a credit card payment on the site, all of the fields shown on the page are required before you can submit your payment. Please make sure that all 4 of the required fields are completed and have a green 'confirmation' border before you subscribe. 

If any of the fields are red, this means the information is not correct. Please enter the details again. When the border is green, you know you've got the right details

If any of the fields are yellow, this means information has been added, but there's something missing. Please check your details to see what needs to be added. Once the border is green, you've got the right info and you can continue.

As you can see from both of the examples above, there are also white fields. If you see a white field, this means that information has not been added yet. Once this is green, you're ready to continue on.

2) Check for a connection error

You made sure everything was correct, but you click on 'Subscribe' and nothing happens, or you see this message:

If this is the case for you, please make sure you have a strong Internet connection and stop any streaming programs you may have running to ensure the best connection possible without interruption.

3) Understanding error messages

If the details are correct and your connection is not an issue, then there may be a problem with the card itself. Any messages displayed are received directly from the bank or card processor and the fastest solution will be to follow the recommendation received in their message.

If you receive an error message, please use another payment method or contact your bank/card processor directly for more information.

I see an error message when I try to pay. What should I do?

If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out to us. Also, be sure to check out our blog for inspiring articles to take your projects to the next level.

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