I see a charge from Artlist on my statement, but I didn't create an account. What should I do?

Please check for more information about the following before contacting us:

  1. Check if you received an email from Artlist on the day that the charge was made. If yes, this is the email address linked to your Artlist subscription. An account may have been created with this address or your existing subscription was renewed.
  2. Check if you were subscribed to Artlist in the past. If yes, your account has been auto-renewed.
  3. If you wanted to sign up for a free trial, but instead you completed the payment details and were charged for a subscription.
  4. If you are a company, check with your colleagues to understand if they signed up for Artlist. The payment may be associated with a company account.

Once you have more information, please contact us with the details for help managing your account. Even if you’re not able to retrieve any more information, please let us know the following:

  1. Date of payment

  2. Amount charged

  3. Invoice or payment confirmation

  4. Name and/or email address linked to the account or to the payment


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