How do I cancel the renewal in my account?

You can easily cancel your subscription’s recurring payment directly from your account page. 

  1. Go to Plan & Billings in your Account
  2. Next to your Payments information, click the icon with 3 dots and go to Subscription infoScreen_Shot_2022-08-04_at_13.17.57.png
  3. Click the option to Cancel renewal Screen_Shot_2022-08-04_at_13.29.59.png
  4. Share your feedback & confirm
  5. You'll see a confirmation when the cancellation has successfully completed

Later, if you decide that you want to keep your current account, visit your Account page and select the option to 'Turn auto renew on' at any point during your active subscription.


If you don't see the option or need further assistance, please contact us.





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