Can I use the assets in my commercial projects or advertising?

Artlist’s Pro license will cover your use of the assets in a commercial or advertisement, including sponsored ads, as long as your use is within the scope of proper use. With the Music & SFX Pro/Team, Max Pro/Team or any Footage & Templates plan you can create branded and commercial projects for any platform worldwide including TVCs, social media, websites and more.

Artlist is made for people creating videos, so as long as your ad is in a video format, once you share it to any platform worldwide our license will cover you forever. 

What plans include Artlist's Pro license?

  • Music & SFX Pro (Music, SFX, Music & SFX)
  • Music & SFX Teams
  • Footage Basic
  • Footage & Templates
  • Footage & Templates Pro
  • Max Pro
  • Max Teams

If you are a large business (100+ employees) or broadcaster and want to create a commercial campaign, please contact our Sales Team for a customized solution that will fit your needs.


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