What plan do I need if I have more than 1 YouTube Channel?

If you have more than 1 YouTube channel, then any of our Max Pro, Creator Pro, Max Team, Team, or Footage & Templates licenses are right for you!

With any of these plans you can use the assets in your videos on any number of channels you have. There are no restrictions or additional fees based on the number of views, the size of your audience or if your video goes viral!

With a Max Social or Social Creator License, you can only use the assets in your projects shared on 1 channel. This plan is better suited for content creators who are just getting started. This means coverage on:

  • 1 YouTube
  • 1 Facebook
  • 1 TikTok
  • 1 Instagram
  • 1 Podcast 

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If you already have the Social plan but want to change to Pro, learn more about how to upgrade.


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