I have an active account, but the assets I download are watermarked. What should I do?

If you paid for a subscription, but you're only able to download watermarked previews, then most likely you’re currently using a Trial account. Please check the following: 

  • Are you signed in with the right email? Please check your Account to check what email you’re signed in with. 
  • Did you register with a different email address? If you didn’t receive a welcome email, it’s possible that a different email address was used to register your account. Please contact us with your payment details and we’ll help you locate your active subscription.
  • Did your account expire or did you request to get your money back? If a refund is processed or a subscription payment fails, then your account will revert to Trial once the refund is processed. Check out Plan & Billings in your Account details to understand the status of your account.

If you’re still unable to download full versions of the assets, please contact us right away. Our team is always here to help.


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