I can only download watermarked assets

If you paid for a subscription but can only download watermarked previews, here are some troubleshooting tips to help you get the licensed version:

Check out your Account's Profile section to confirm your account activity:

  • Check that your payment went through and your account is active
  • Visit your Account page and make sure you're signed in with the correct email address

Check out your Account's Plan & Billings section to confirm the status of your account:

  • If your subscription expired or you were issued a refund, your account will be in Trial mode. 
  • If you have a Music & SFX plan, you only have access to watermarked preview footage clips
  • If you have a Footage plan, you only have access to watermarked preview music (no SFX)

It is also helpful to delete any previously-downloaded versions from your device, including from your trash bin, then sign into your active account and re-download the asset.