I paid for a subscription but it's not active

If you made a payment but when you sign in you see a Trial, here are a few things to check:

  1. Check your inbox to see if you received a welcome email and invoice.

    If you did receive your invoice, sign out of Artlist, refresh your browser, then sign back in using the registered email address. If you didn't receive one or still can't gain access, Contact us with your name and payment details to locate your active subscription.
  2. Check with your bank or PayPal to confirm if your payment went through. Some banks place a temporary authorization hold while processing. If your payment is delayed in processing, your account will remain in Trial until payment is completed.
  3. If you’ve requested a refund, then your account will revert to Trial once the refund is processed.

Contact us if you’re still unsure or can't access your active subscription.