I paid for a subscription. Why is my account in trial?

If you paid for a subscription, but your account is in trial, please check the following: 

  1. Did you receive a welcome email from us with an invoice?

    • If yes, please check that you are signed in with the registered email account. If you still can't gain access, Contact Us with your account details and we’ll help you get access.

    • If you did not receive a welcome email, it’s possible that a different email address was used to register your account. Please contact us with your name and payment details and we’ll help you locate your active subscription.

  2. Did your payment go through? If your payment is delayed in processing, your account will remain in Trial until payment is completed.
  3. Did you request your money back? If you’ve requested a refund, then your account will revert to Trial once the refund is processed.

If you’re still unsure why your account is in Trial, please contact us right away. 


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