Tips to download SFX

If you’re signed in and can’t download SFX, this could be due to any of the following:

  • Is your account in Trial?

With a free Trial account, you can download watermarked song preview tracks however SFX cannot be downloaded with a free Trial.

  • Does your subscription include SFX?

Please check your Account to see if you have a SFX only, Music only or a Music + SFX account. If you’re registered for a Music subscription, you can easily upgrade your account at any time!

  • Are you signed into your active account?

Is it possible that you’re not signed in with your paid subscription? Please check your Account to see if this is the correct account.

  • Did your subscription payment fail to process?

Please visit Plan & Billings found in your Account to check your status. If your recent payment attempt failed to process, then your account will revert to Trial.

If you’re still not able to download SFX, please contact us.