Client projects and coverage

With an Artlist Pro license your client is covered for use of the film or video you're hired to create and the project can be used commercially, on any channel. The license can't be transferred so the client can't include the assets in a different project unless you're hired to create that as well or they purchase their own license for use. Make sure to send your clients the invite links to add their videos to your Clearlist.

Create projects for a client with any of these plans:

  • Music Pro
  • SFX Pro
  • Music & SFX Pro
  • Music & SFX Teams
  • Max Pro
  • Max Teams
  • Footage & Templates
  • Business

Artlist’s Social plan doesn't cover commercial use, including projects created for clients. For promotional or sponsored projects, check out the Pro subscription.

If your client needs proof of license, we recommend to download and provide them with the individual song or asset certificate, which can be found in your Download History. Alternately, your Artlist subscription license for use shows that you have a valid license to use Artlist assets in your projects. 

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