How can I change my plan from yearly to monthly?

Monthly payments are only available with a Social license plan. Our Pro license plans are available yearly and don't have a monthly option available. 

Before we can make a change to your account, please review our terms to be sure that your future use will be covered by our Social license. The Music & SFX Social and Max Social plans have more limitations than Pro. For example:

  • Only 1 user on the account (You can have multiple users with a Team plan)

  • The assets can not be used for advertisements or client or commercial projects (This is covered with our Music & SFX Pro, Footage & Templates, and Max Pro plans)

  • The assets are only licensed for projects that you share on the social accounts listed on your subscription (That means only 1 Facebook, 1 YouTube, 1 Instagram, 1 TikTok, 1 Twitch & 1 podcast)

If you'd like to keep your current plan and renew with a monthly plan:

  1. Contact us and our team will update your preferences.
  2. When your current subscription expires, your account will renew automatically for a monthly Music & SFX Social plan.

If you'd like to change to a monthly plan right away:

  1. This process requires a refund, so visit our Refund Policy to see if you qualify.
  2. Contact us with your refund request; please include your account information such as name and registered email.




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