How can I get more voiceover credits?

If you need more credits for your project, we offer custom Business solutions.

Contact our Business team to get a custom license for all your needs.

With any trial account or plan that doesn't include voiceover you get 400 one-time trial credits. The trial voiceovers can't be downloaded or used in your projects, and the credits won't renew.

Upgrade to a paid subscription to an AI Voiceover, Max Pro, or Max Team plan to unlock 50,000 voiceover credits to use voiceover in your projects on any platform worldwide.


With an AI voiceover or Max Pro plan, you get 50,000 credits each month to generate voiceovers. With a Max Team plan, your team gets 75,000 credits each month. Each credit is equivalent to one character and you can use up to 5,000 credits/characters for each voiceover you generate. Every time you click Generate, the number of credits you’ve used for that generation will be subtracted from your total credits. Your credits will reset each month.

With a Business plan you'll also get early access to new and original content, intuitively-categorized catalogs, easy-to-use search filters, and NEW! features like dynamic team management profiles, and more! A Business plan is cost-effective, flexible, and scalable and can cover anything you and your team are working on.  

Get more information about a custom Business solution.