How can I adjust the voiceover settings?

How to adjust the voiceover settings and generate a voiceover

The voiceover generator lets you adjust the settings in order to achieve a result that better matches your vision. You can adjust your voiceover for:

  • Emotional range: A more flat emotional range will give you more consistency between each voiceover you generate. A more expressive emotional range will give you less consistency.
  • Similarity to original voice: A higher similarity will make the voiceover better match the original voice. Note that setting it too high can cause distortions and errors.
  • Style boost: A higher setting will exaggerate the style of the original voice in terms of pace, tone, accent, and more, but will give you less consistency between each voiceover you generate.

To hear an example of how the AI voiceover settings work, click on the setting's name:

Steps to adjust the settings and generate a voiceover

It's easy to customize and generate the perfect voiceover for your project.

  1. Select a voice from the catalog.
  2. Type the text for your voiceover.
  3. Click on Voiceover Settings to open the settings panel.
  4. Adjust the Emotional range, Similarity to original voice, and Style boost.
  5. Click Generate.

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