Which plans include voiceover?

The AI Voiceover plan and the Max Pro plan both include voiceover generation.

When you get a subscription to AI voiceover, Max Pro, or Max Team you get a synchronization license to use your voiceovers in video projects on any platform worldwide, including commercial and client projects, social media, TV, broadcast, and more. The license doesn't cover using the voiceover as standalone audio or in ways that violate the license agreement and terms of use.

With a yearly subscription to the AI voiceover plan, Max Pro, Max Team, or with a Business plan you get a license to generate voiceovers. Subscribe now or learn more about How to upgrade your plan and generate licensed voiceovers for your projects!

Subscribe now to generate AI voiceovers and take your projects to the max! 

If you're part of a company, foundation or other legal entity with more than 100 employees, or
which is part of a group with over 100 employees, or if you need a custom agreement, a Business plan is right for you. 

A Business plan includes all the features of a standard plan, plus additional coverage, early access to new releases, special asset collections, and a custom license to cover you and your clients. For more information about a customized solution, contact our Business team.

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