AI Voiceover guide

Learn how to create voiceovers for your videos in this quick step-by-step guide.

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How to generate a voiceover

1. Select a voice using the Voice Catalog tab. You can hear a sample of the voice before selecting it by clicking the play button. You can also use the filters at the top to find the right voice for your video faster.

2. Enter the text you want to convert to speech in the text box and click Generate.

3. Your generated voiceover will show up in the My Voiceovers tab. To download it, click the download icon. Every voiceover you generate will be saved here, and, with a subscription to a plan that includes voiceover, in your Library's Download History, ready for you to download as many times as you like, whenever you like.

To try our a different voice, go back to the Voice Catalog, select a voice and enter your text.

If you want to get a different result, you can simply click Generate again, as each time you generate a voiceover, the output will be slightly different. You can also adjust the Voice Settings, then generate your voiceover again.


Tips to generate the best AI voiceover

Pronunciation of words

If you aren’t happy with the pronunciation, first check that the word is spelled correctly. If it looks good, try to find an alternative spelling, write it out more phonetically, or use punctuation for emphasis. The different voices pronounce words differently, so try out a few until you find one that fits your needs.


There are a few ways to add a pause and impact the rhythm of the speech. You can add a comma (,) or an ellipsis (...). Or, if you want more control over the length of your pause, copy and paste this formula: <break time="1.5s" />. You can replace “1.5” with the desired length of the pause, in seconds.

Other languages

The voiceover generator works best in English. If you enter text in a different language, it may work but not as smoothly as in English.

Numbers and symbols

Write out numbers, symbols, and acronyms fully to ensure that the AI has the most context and provides the correct pronunciation.

Express emotion

To make your voiceover convey a specific emotion, you can write out your text in a style similar to that of a book, using quotation marks and mentioning the desired emotion.

For example:
“Are we almost there yet?” he said, fed up.

“Be patient!” he shouted, annoyed.

This will help the AI better understand the context of your text, and therefore create a result that’s closer to your vision. When editing your video, you’ll need to cut out the extra words, as the AI will read out the text exactly as you’ve written it.


How to adjust the voiceover settings and generate a voiceover

The voiceover generator lets you adjust the settings in order to achieve a result that better matches your vision. You can adjust your voiceover for:

  • Emotional range: A more flat emotional range will give you more consistency between each voiceover you generate. A more expressive emotional range will give you less consistency.
  • Similarity to original voice: A higher similarity will make the voiceover better match the original voice. Note that setting it too high can cause distortions and errors.
  • Style boost: A higher setting will exaggerate the style of the original voice in terms of pace, tone, accent, and more, but will give you less consistency between each voiceover you generate.

To hear an example of how the AI voiceover settings work, click on the setting's name:

Steps to adjust the settings and generate a voiceover

It's easy to customize and generate the perfect voiceover for your project.

  1. Select a voice from the catalog.
  2. Type the text for your voiceover.
  3. Click on Voiceover Settings to open the settings panel.
  4. Adjust the Emotional range, Similarity to original voice, and Style boost.
  5. Click Generate.


How to save your voiceovers

You can Add to Favorites and save your favorite voiceovers to your Library.

Click the star. When it is yellow, it means you've added the asset to your favorites:

All favorited voiceovers are saved in your Library's Voiceovers tab.


How to delete a voiceover

You can delete voiceover generations in the My Voiceovers tab. Go to the voiceover you want to delete, click the 3 dots, then Delete.

When you Generate a voiceover, the credits are subtracted from your account. Deleting a voiceover does not restore the credits you used, it removes the saved voiceover from your account.

How voiceover credits work

The AI voiceover generator works using a credit system. If you’re subscribed to the AI Voiceover or Max Pro plan, you’ll get 50,000 credits each month, and with a Max Team plan you get 75,000 credits each month. If you already have a subscription plan that does not include voiceover, you’ll get 400 trial credits to generate.

  • Each credit is equivalent to one character.
  • You can use up to 5,000 credits/characters for each voiceover you generate.
  • Every time you click Generate, the number of credits you’ve used for that generation will be subtracted from your total credits.
  • Your credits will reset each month.

The AI Voiceover is available for trial purposes with all plans.

To try out our new voiceover feature, you can sign up for a free trial Artlist account and click on Voiceover in the top menu. You’ll get 400 credits to generate voiceovers. Keep in mind that voiceovers generated with trial credits will be stored in the My Voiceovers tab in your account, however they can’t be downloaded and aren't licensed for use in your projects. 

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Get more AI voiceover credits

With any trial account or active plan that doesn't include voiceover, you get 400 one-time trial credits to try it out! Upgrade to a Max Pro subscription and unlock 50,000 voiceover credits to generate licensed AI voiceovers for your projects. With a Max Team subscription you'll get 75,000 credits.

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Some examples of where you need a Business license include:

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