Troubleshooting plugins and the Hub

You can access all the plugins included with your Max plan or Business plan that includes plugins through Artlist Hub. Install the Hub and start creating with over 50+ plugins today!

The process to install the Hub is simple and quick, however if you have trouble with plugins or Artlist Hub, here are some tips to help:

Find the plugins after installation:

Once you have successfully installed the plugins, they'll be ready to use in your editing software!

For all the programs, you will find the plugins in the Effects Panel. They will be categorized with the pack name (e.g. Artlist - Zoom Blur).

You may need to restart your host software for the plugins to appear. 

Premiere Pro:

After Effects:

DaVinci Resolve:

Final Cut Pro:


A watermark will appear if the plugins are not activated.

- Check you're signed into the Hub and have an active Max plan or Business plan that includes plugins.
- Check you are connected to the Internet at all times.
- Restart your host software.
- Adjust the parameter of the applied plugin (this is due to software caching the rendered frames).

If you still see a watermark after trying the above, scroll down to Contact us in Support.

Log in issues:

If you signed up to Artlist using a single sign-on (SSO) such as Google or Facebook, you will need to log into the Hub with the same method.

If you encounter any log in errors, restart the log in process from the Hub, not the browser.

For other issues: 

Scroll down to Contact Us in Support with details of the issue, any relevant screenshots or recordings, information about your system and device, and the host software you're using.