Managing your Team

A Team subscription plan lets your team collaborate under 1 license so you can all work seamlessly together. From building your team to assigning or removing roles, learn how to effectively manage team members with Artlist.


Team roles


The team admin can set up and manage the account and all users on the account. They can invite users and set their roles, remove team members, change the roles of other team members and managers, view and edit the team payment method, and more. To remove or change the team admin user, scroll down and Contact us



Managers can set roles for member and manager seats, but they can't manage the admin seat or promote other users to an admin role.



Members can't edit roles, however they can be upgraded to managers by a team admin or manager.

All team roles have full access to our high-quality catalogs of music, SFX, footage, templates, plugins, and apps, and can use Artlist features and tools freely!

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Managing your team

There are 2 status types for your team members and managers

  • Active status: Indicates members who have joined the team and are able to use the site as a paid user.
  • Invited status: Members who have been sent invitations but haven't yet joined. Hover over the tooltip to reveal when the invite was sent.

Managing each user

Use the 3 dot menu next to each team member to resend an invitation or remove the member from your team:

  • Resend invitation: Sends the invitation email to the user again. The invite will go to the member’s email inbox. If the invitation doesn't arrive, be sure to make sure the email address is spelled correctly, and have the invitee check the junk/spam folder.
  • Remove from team: Removes the member from the team permanently. The team member will not be notified, but can rejoin again if invited, or subscribe to another plan. 

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Inviting new team members

When inviting members, a pop-up opens for you to enter the invitee's email address, and shows you how many already-invited members there are out of the total paid seats.

Screenshot 2024-05-05 at 14.21.02.png

To invite a new team member, type their email addresses and click Invite. The system will check that the email is valid and that the member doesn't already have an existing active subscription before sending an email invitation. 

If the member has an active subscription, Contact us to help get them set up as part of your team. We're available nearly 24//7 to assist.


Adding seats

You can add more seats to your Team plan by visiting your Account and paying for the additional seat(s). The price will be prorated based on the time left on your yearly plan. If you are a Business subscriber and need more seats for your plan, contact your sales representative to invite more members. 

Sign up for a Team plan to get 15% off each seat under 1 license to cover your whole team!