DaVinci Studio template issues

If you run into issues using DaVinci Resolve templates on the Studio version of Davinci Resolve, we’ve got a quick guide for you!

The Davinci Studio version 18 release has a bug in the Fusion compositing tool when opening Davinci Resolve projects like the ones downloaded from Artlist. The bug causes some links to be broken in Fusion and will prevent placeholders and effects from being linked to the final compositions. Luckily, it’s relatively quick and easy to fix!

Here's are the steps:

1. If you’re seeing a black screen on your Final composition, check that you've downloaded the fonts that come with the template. Find more about this in our troubleshooting guide.

2. Then, within your project, locate the clip that has the fusion composition associated with it. In the case of this template, it’s here in the Others > Timelines folder and called Main

In the edit window, right click on the clip and select Open in Fusion Page.


In this case, the MediaIn4 node was unconnected to the ColorCorrector2 node, so we just need to simply drag from the box on the right of the node to connect it back up.


If everything looks connected on Fusion but the template still isn’t working, then you may need to manually replace the placeholders. Simply drag the placeholder media from the media browser to the MediaIn nodes like in the screenshot below.


That should take care of any issues with the template in DaVinci Studio.  If you're still having trouble, reach our to our team.