About Clearlisting with a Teams Plan

Clearlist is a way to protect yours and your clients' content from claims, add the social media channels where you'll be posting to your Clearlist. Sign up for an active subscription to Clearlist your channels.


With a Team plan you can Clearlist up to 5 channels for each social media platform and unlimited videos. This means: 


5 YouTube

5 Facebook

5 Instagram

5 TikTok

5 Twitch

5 Podcasts


To protect your clients' videos, you can either add their videos to your Clearlist, or create a special link inviting them to add their videos to your Clearlist.

Only the team admin can add channels to the Clearlist, while any member can add individual video URLs. 

To add or edit your channels and videos, simply visit the Clearlist section of your Account page.

See the videos below for more information on adding your channels and videos: