Content ID claims from Artlist

We recently updated our license to keep your content safer than ever. Protect your content from claims by adding your channels and videos to the Clearlist.

If your video received a copyright claim from Artlist, it’s likely that YouTube’s Content ID system has identified our music in your video but didn’t recognize you as a licensed subscriber in our system.

In some cases, you may have a valid license, but your use of the music may not comply with our license terms.

First, make sure to check the following: 

  • You have a valid license for the music used in your video
  • You uploaded the video during a valid subscription period
  • The relevant channels or video URLs are in your Clearlist. Learn how to update your Clearlist.
  • Ensure your video doesn’t violate our license


Artlist is constantly working to provide better protection for our subscribers and artists. Using the Clearlist helps us utilize every tool available to protect our subscribers’ content.

If you received a Content ID claim that is not from Artlist, please contact us with the song name, artist name, video link, and claimant information.