About Clearlisting channels and videos

We recently updated our license to keep your content safer than ever. Protect your content from claims by adding your channels and videos to the Clearlist.

Adding an entire channel will automatically clear any video that is uploaded on that channel. 

With an active Social subscription, you can add 1 channel for each of the following platforms:

  • 1 YouTube
  • 1 Facebook
  • 1 Instagram
  • 1 TikTok
  • 1 Twitch 
  • 1 Podcast

With an active Pro subscription you can add up to 3 channels per platform. A Team subscription can add up to 5 channels per platform. This is ideal if you have more than 1 channel that you want to set as your main channel.


In addition to Clearlisting your channels, the Pro and Teams subscriptions have the option to add links and clear individual YouTube videos. Pro and Teams accounts also have the option to create special links for clients to add videos to your Clearlist. This is a great solution for freelance creators doing client work who need to ensure that their client’s video is cleared for use.