Using the assets after the license expires

Our current terms were updated on Nov. 21, 2022, and state that Artlist's license will only cover your use of assets in that are published during your active subscription.


Our previous terms stated that your projects created with an active pro subscription can be published anytime and assets can be used forever. If you signed up under our previous terms then those still apply to you.


If you purchased a subscription after Nov. 21, 2022, the new licensing terms apply to you. This means that once your subscription expires, you aren't covered to use or publish the assets in new projects. Your license covers the projects that are created and published during your active subscription term. This includes projects like intros and outros, which can't be used or published in new videos without an active subscription.


When you use a valid license to create and publish a project, you can keep your project in the same media and monetize it forever, even after your subscription ends.


To create and publish new projects after your subscription expires, re-subscribe to an active plan.


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